Whether you’re trying to find a CBD-dominant breed to throw at the pipe or a high-CBD breed to use for extraction, then knowing the different CBD-to-THC ratios and differentiating the maximum CBD strains on the market is helpful to know.

With thousands of different strains, which are the best high CBD strains to try?

In this guide, we’ll explore 5 of the best high CBD strains of 2020!

Suver Haze

Suver Haze CBD is a fascinating breed of hemp flower which is included with genetics. This breed originally came in the southern region of Oregon. This sativa-dominant hybrid pressure was produced from a different breed, Neville’s Haze.

It is intriguing to find that the path breeders chose to make this hemp breed. It was a distinctive female breed, with specialists thinking that strain has been known as Krishna’s Special Sauce. Additionally, it used a man breed named Neville’s Haze. By both of these breeds, breeders select a phenotype that had the ideal features they were looking for, and consequently, Suver 8 has been born. Subsequently, breeders took the Suver 8 breed and swallowed it using ERB along with the new breed was born. Industrial hemp blossom Suver Haze includes a very low THC percent while it’s a top CBD percentage.

Sour Space Candy

The manufacturers of this hemp blossom strain Sour Space Candy made it by crossing marijuana of Historical Resin Berry (ERB) using the notorious Sour Tsunami. The blend of both of these popular breeds has produced an exceptional blossom with sweet apple flavoring. Though the Sour Space Chocolate breed is a hybrid vehicle, its dominant genetic breeds are Sativa.

The THC content in Sour Space Chocolate averages 0.1 percent using a CBD percent of about 19 percent. The taste profile for this breed also includes a gentle sour taste together with the cider vinegar. Few strains may claim to generate taste as unique as this of Sour Space Candy CBD blossom.


Just like a cross-breed involving MK Ultra and G13 Haze, Cannatonic is a Spanish breed grown specifically for its non THC-content. Cannatonic generally delivers a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio, together with THC-content seldom being over 6 percent.

Because of its high-CBD content, Cannatonic creates a mellow high which leaves a lasting comfort effect and Is Often used to treat pain, muscle fatigue, anxiety, migraines, and a Vast Array of other physiological and psychological symptoms


With 20 times more CBD content than THC articles, Harle-Tsu is just one of the greatest CBD-dominant breeds, popular for its ability to alleviate pain and inflammation without providing localized results to this user.

As a crossbreed between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, Harle-Tsu provides an enjoyable relaxation effect, and it has shown to raise the user’s disposition.

Special Sauce

The Special Sauce breed of hemp originated in Oregon and represents a crossover with Historical Resin Berry (ERB). Although Special Sauce creates among the tiniest flower buds presently available, it’s an exceptional taste and aroma which makes it truly unique from the hemp blossom family.

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene would be the top 3 components of Particular CBD blossom. The proportion of cannabinoid material is large also. Additional terpenes found in Special Sauce CBD breed include CBGA, CBG, and CBGA. Having a CBD percent of 18.8 percent, Special Sauce packs a potent punch really. This cannabis plant has fans from California to Florida and throughout the Total United States of America.

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