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Buy Guava Kush Online, The sativa-predominant crossover cannabis strain named Guava Kush is a strain that contended in the 2014 L.A Cannabis Cup.

Its aroma and taste are reminiscent of its name, being very tropical and sweet.

THC levels normal at around 21%, however this number can change contingent upon a yield’s development strategies.

Its high has been portrayed by commentators as permitting unwinding into the body for about some random circumstance, while starting imagination that can be changed into charming discussion.

A warm/shivering sensation may spread all through the body while it unwinds as some have encountered, and both constant agony and a sleeping disorder have been dealt with utilizing this strain.

For other people, rest was conceivable as the high wore out.

Negative symptoms that commentators have noted incorporate cottonmouth, dry eyes, and at times neurosis when expending above resistance levels.

Guava Kush, a fairly dark newcomer, contended in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Past that, insights concerning this strain are to some degree temperamental.

It’s presumed to be a sativa-predominant cross breed with a sativa/indica proportion of 35:65. In any case, the impacts propose a considerably closer coordinate, as Guava Kush conveys a genuine blend of physical and cerebral high: unwinding, innovative, tingly, agreeable, and periodically languid.

Reactions could incorporate suspicion, dry eyes, or dry mouth, however there’s little open data regarding the matter. Interminable torment, sleep deprivation and uneasiness may all be treated with this strain.

The flavor is sweet, tropical, and fruity, while the smell is comparable. The nugs are a blend of dim and light green, together with golden hairs and a sound layer of trichomes superficially.


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