Northern Lights


LINEAGE: Unknown (California Indica x Afghani) x (Skunk #1 x Haze)

TYPE: Indica

THC: Up to 18%

APPEARANCE: Northern Lights buds are generally dense, slightly dark green and generously covered in white trichomes.

SMELL: Rich earthy smell, that is sweet, fresh and a hint of pine-sol.

BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS: Great balance of head high and body high, when coming down creates couch lock

DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts over 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: G-13, Sour Diesel and OG Kush



Buy Northern Lights Online 

Buy Northern Lights online , Aurora Borealis , Few strains accompany as much far reaching fame as Northern Lights, inarguably one of the most mainstream strains ever.

An innate relative of unique Afghani landrace strains,

firstly Northern Lights is an unadulterated indica.

THC levels can arrive at 16-21%, making this one of the most strong strains accessible on any market.

Two or three hits is everything necessary for most patient’s looking for this current strain’s incredible body impacts, an energetic blend of happiness and physical unwinding.

CBD levels are less clear, yet they absolutely aren’t sufficiently high to prescribe this as a treatment for seizures or different conditions that react to CBD. All things being equal,

Northern Lights

is a profoundly valuable medicinal strain, viable at treating uneasiness, torment, and a sleeping disorder, just as absence of hunger.

Cottonmouth is normal, as are red eyes, while other negative impacts are significantly more constrained.

strain has a sweet, gritty flavor with traces of citrus,

Aurora Borealis is most well known on the West Coast and in Colorado, yet it’s a most loved basically wherever else pot can be found.

Aurora Borealis. A strong, infection and form safe plant with dim green, wide leaves,

it appears to be evident that Northern Lights is Afghani in beginning, Buy Northern Lights Online

There are a few assortments of Northern Lights that worked their way into reproducing stock for Sensi Seeds.

More-so Northern Lights strain is a really low-support strain to develop.

Again it is known to be profoundly impervious to sicknesses, bugs, and form.

The Northern Lights strain develops in the medium tallness range making it extraordinary for both developing inside and outside.

Moreover,The Northern Lights strain is a pretty low-maintenance strain to cultivate which can be use to cure depression, Anxiety and makes happy.

It is known to be highly resistant to diseases, bugs and mold.



115, 230, 28, 455

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